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Giants, Wizards & Elves

Description of a fun group game

James Neill
Last updated:
13 Nov 2004

Giants, Wizards & Elves

  • Active, all-engaging game -- fun way to get a group physically and mentally alert

  • Handy precursor to activities on teamwork and cooperation

  • Requires large space

  • A creative team variation of "Rock, Paper Scissors"

  • Teach everyone the following three characters:

    • Giant - Tip-toes, raise hands above head, curl fingers, growling sounds

    • Wizard - Crouch slightly, wave and point a magic wand, shouting "kazaam!"

    • Elf - On haunches, hands cupped for big ears, shrill screeching noises

  • Give people plenty of practice by calling out the characters and having them instantly become that character - offer lots of positive encouragement for dramatic effort

  • Form two teams - each team convenes to decide on a character

  • Teams then line up facing each other (use a rope on the ground to separate teams).  Have  ~ 4 feet between teams.

  • Facilitator dramatically announces "1....2.....3.....", then teams adopt their poses,  revealing their identity

  • Immediately, the winning characters (team) must chase the losing team and try to capture (tag) as many as possible

    • Giant wins by 'squishing' an Elf

    • Elf wins by 'outwitting' a Wizard

    • Wizard wins by 'zapping' a Giant

    • Identical characters are a draw

  • The losing characters try to reach a "safe zone" (e.g., over another rope) about 30-60 feet away without being captured

  • Teams then reconvene and decide on their next character

  • Continue until one team entirely consumes the other


  • Superheroes, e.g., Spiderman, Superman, Wonderwoman

Equipment: A large space (60-120 feet wide), rope to mark the central line and the safe zones

Important: Participants should be dressed for exercise and physically warmed up for short bursts of fast running

Time: ~15 minutes

Brief Description: Fun chasing game with suspense, laughter and exercise.  Giant (arms up, roars) beats elf (hands to ears); elf beats wizard (waves wand & "kazaam"); wizard zaps giant.

Variations: A less physical version involves  participants using the character "dying actions" in place of running.  Make these rather dramatic and embarrassing if you can - increases the motivation to "win".  Instead of one team chasing and absorbing the other team, keep score.  First team to 5.

  • Giants are electrified, frazzled and then freeze in motion (or drop to ground)

  • Wizards clutch chest, struck by pain in the heart

  • Elves shrink and shrivel up, moaning

Other versions: