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Chicken Stretch

Description of a Physical Warm-Up Activity

James Neill
Last updated:
16 Nov 2004

Chicken Stretch

  • Note: Do not reveal the name of this activity until afterwards!  It relies on an element of surprise.

  • This is a fun, physical, group warmup activity which works with all ages.

  • In a circle, explain that it is important to warm up one's body from head to toe before participating in physical games and activities.

  • Starting with legs, ask people to try to get their knee to touch their chin.  Try each leg alternately.  Ask for 10 knee to chin touches.  It is not easy, some can do it, many can't.

  • Then move on to the arms.  One side at a time, stick thumb under armpit and "flap" (don't use this word) it up and do a side stretch.  Three times on each side.

  • Then explain that its important to warmup one's vocal cords for group games.  Grab the skin around your Adam's apple (demonstrate) and waggle it side to side.  Then ask for some gutteral noises, as much as possible, then ask for someone animal noises.

  • Finally, put it all together - demonstrate and encourage - walking around raising knees in air, flapping both arms and making animal noises (at some point start encouraging the chicken noises) and you have a mob of warmed up, feeling silly, kind of outfoxed, intrigued students.






Total ~ 5-10 minutes.

Brief description:

A surprise physical warmup activity.  Demonstrate 3 different stretches which, when put together, turns each person into a chicken (hen) and the group into a clucking and squawking chickenyard.  Very funny, works with any age.