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Amoeba Race

Description of a Fun, Team Building Activity

James Neill
Last updated:
02 Oct 2005

Amoeba Race

  • A fun game, using a basic biology concept of a cell
  • Requires cooperation, competition and close physical interaction.  Useful as a simple activity to help a group get comfortable with one another.
  • Explain how to create an amoeba.  There are 3 parts:
    • a lot of protoplasm
      (people who don't mind being close, gather together)
    • a cell wall
      (people who like to contain themselves & others, surround the protoplasm, facing outward, linking elbows)
    • a nucleus
      (someone with good eyesight and the ability to keep on top of things should be the nucleus, seated on the shoulders of some of the protoplasm)
  • Once the amoeba is formed, try taking a walk through a field or around the block. A rhythmic chant might be helpful for coordinating movements. (What sort of sound does a one-celled creature make?)
  • Finally, try a little cell division. Split into two, create a second nucleus and have an Amoeba Race.









Approximately 15 mins.

Brief description

A simple, close physical contact group cooperation activity.  The group forms the three parts of an Amoeba: protoplasm, cell wall and nucleus.  Then the group travels, splits into two amoebas, and the amoeba have a race.