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Review of Top 10 "Team Building Exercise" Websites on Google

James Neill
Last updated:
25 Mar 2006

A review was conducted of the sites listed on a Google search for team building exercises.

Recommended sites are marked with a (offers free descriptions of team building exercises).  Alexa rankings reflect site traffic, with lower numbers meaning more popular.

  1. Wilderdom
    Alexa rank 25,000.  Free descriptions and links to free descriptions of team building and problem solving exercises; part of Index to Group Games, Activities, Exercises & Initiatives and The Wilderdom Store.

  2. About
    Alexa rank 54.  A few handy links, but mostly auto-generated content with lots of advertising.

  3. Businessballs
    Alexa rank 15,000.  A genuine, information-providing, user-oriented site with good quality authorship; activities tend to be indoor-oriented training activities; layout, however, is awkward.

  4. Accel Team
    Alexa rank 150,000.  Information about organisational management.  High keyword density but mainly for product sell, no free exercises.

  5. Fun Team Building
    Alexa rank 900,000.  An excellent site in all respects except one - no free game descriptions!  Worthwhile, however for Larry's Top 10 Tips about Team Building, Team building articles, list of links, etc.  Sells team building programs but Larry shares very helpful information and makes the visit worthwhile.

  6. Teambonding
    Alexa rank 1,000,000.  Marketing team bonding and building programs.  Mostly marketing, but worth reading some handy stuff on play & reasons to use team building games.

  7. Team Building USA
    No rank.  Whilst selling its own team building programs, it does provide links to some useful descriptions of team building activities.

  8. Action Days
    Alexa rank 670,000.  UK company describes its various action-based team building activities.

  9. Team Technology
    Alexa rank 116,000.  Provides half-a-dozen descriptions of activities to be used in conjunction with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

  10. Leadership Institute
    Alexa rank 330, 000.  Provides short articles and tips about organisational development, with a couple of team building exercises.  Markets team building exercise programs.