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Descriptions of Indigenous Games & Activities

Ancestral Visualization

Imagine this: All your direct ancestors standing on your left, in a line, starting with your father (or mother), your grandfather, your great-grandfather, etc.  All your future direct descendants standing on your right, starting with your son (or daughter), grandson, etc. These two lines stretch out over the horizon.  Imagine being able to send messages “Chinese whisper” style up and down the line. What would you say? What would you ask?

Hunt & Kill an Animal & Skin & Eat It

Bound to be controversial and not to be taken lightly.  For the first time ever in human history there are large proportions of industrialized society who have never killed an animal (other than an insect) with their bare hands and then made direct use of the animal such as for its skin and as food.  Ironic as it may seem, the human bond with nature potentially becomes much deeper when we viscerally reconnect with cycles of life and death via personal, indigenous-like use of animals.

String Games of the Navajo

74+ string figures and tricks known to the Navajo Indians of Arizona, USA.  The significance of string games among the Navajo is examined in an appendix to this article.

Rituals & Rites of Passage Lesson Plan for 5th-6th Graders

Detailed information and lesson plans for 4-5 classes involving students in exploring and understanding why  rites of passage are used in various ways in various societies.

Ways of Creating Rites of Passage Experiences

Suggests practical ideas which can help to facilitate rites of passage type experiences, particularly in the outdoors.

Traditional Hopi Games

Games for children and games for everyone.

Alaska Native Games Resource Guide

100+ native Alaskan games; comprehensive documentation.

Multicultural Games

50+ fun, traditional and ethnically diverse games played around the world.

Sweat Therapy Treatment Manual

In many indigenous societies, heat/sweat related rituals had deep psychological, cultural and spiritual significance.

Multicultural, Cross-cultural, & Intercultural Games & Activities

Group games and activities for developing intercultural awareness and cross-cultural competence.

Drum circles for Team Building

Describes some of the benefits and criticisms of drum circles as part of workplace training.
Indigenous Knowledge & Outdoor Education Explores examples and theory about interconnection between indigenous lifestyles and outdoor education.

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04 Feb 2006