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Instructor Effectiveness

What is the Role of Responsibility of a Group Instructor?

James Neill
Last updated:
02 Aug 2004


An instructor’s role is to guide participants through experiences to allow maximum chance for fulfilling individual, group, and program goals.


The instructor's responsibility is to use the program's established methodology to create a series of experiences which work together to initiate, maintain, and solidify the desired processes and outcomes.


The instructor of an extended outdoor education program is faced with a unique situation.  In no other educational setting is a single person faced with such an ultimate responsibility for the safety, welfare, and quality of learning of a group of people for such an intense period of time.  As if these responsibilities are not enough, the method of outdoor education involves provoking and managing optimal psychological challenges and experiences in participants.  This requires a great deal of skill and understanding on behalf of the instructor if high quality experiences are to be consistently facilitated for participants.