Human Evolution

Cartoon - Caveman Meets Modern Camper

James Neill
Last updated:
28 Mar 2005

Source: Frik Outdoors

Frik is a talented artist and offered to draw me a free cartoon.  I gave Frik the theme of "prehistoric man" meets "modern camper".  I love the 'toon he came up with.  Thanks Frik!

What would happen if we could spend time with our ancestors?

I've always been intrigued by the way we take better and better gear in order to experience the "rugged" outdoors.  Edmund Hilary would have loved some of the gear 100 years ago to climb everest that you or I now use to walk around the park. 

I think the simpler the gear the better - a more direct experience of "natural living" can occur.  But the risk is that less gear can mean a more uncomfortable experience. 

For each person, there is an interesting adventure threshold, a point to which we can step back towards living more closely to our historical origins, but beyond that threshold, we may find ourselves in too deep (e.g., Chris McClandless aka Alexander Supertramp in Jon Krakaeur's "Into the Wild").