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Cannabis Sativa

James Neill
Last updated:
11 Nov 2004


Cannabis Sativa grows so well itís a tragedy that it has become widespreadly illegal, with serious legal consequences imposed in most countries for growing and trading.  Nevertheless its a huge cash crop and black market.  Scientific research has found Cannabis usage to be fairly innocuous in terms of ill effects and ripe with potential for medicinal and psychological benefits.  The worst findings about Cannabis research seem to be that if smoked chronically it may contribute to lung cancer, if vulnerable to schizophrenia it may trigger psychotic episodes, and it may contribute to some short-term memory losses through heavy usage.  The best findings seem to suggest that it provides a sense of relaxation, open-mindedness, creative thinking and facilitates social and personal enjoyment.  It has been trialed for use with people with problems such as glaucoma and nausea associated with chemotherapy.  In general, for the 5% or so of society which regularly uses Cannabis, it is used in small, manageable quantities as an adjunct to functional living.