Marking Criteria

The lab report should be in APA style and be based on the following guidelines.

Overall word count should be no more than 3,000 words, although 10% variation will be allowed without penalty.

Note that the section word counts provided below are only a guideline - marking will only take account of the overall word count.

Cover sheet

Cover page


Introduction (15%)

Method (15%)

Results (45%)

Qualitative Analysis (10%)

Factor Analyses & Reliabilities (15%)

Multiple Regression (10%)

ANOVA (10%)

Discussion (25%)


General Checklist


  1. Each student must contribute at least 5 cases of real data by the end of W2. Failure to do so will attract a  penalty (4 / 40 marks) on the lab report.
  2. Reports over the 3,000 word limit will be penalised 1% per extra 100 words.  Abstract, Tables, Figures and Appendices are not included the word count.
  3. Penalties (2 / 40 marks per day) will apply to late assignments, and extensions will only be granted in extreme circumstances. Technology problems (e.g., hard drive crashes, dial-up problems, corrupted disks, viruses, etc.) will not be accepted as grounds for an extension. You should take appropriate precautions to avoid these problems (e.g., use backups and don't leave the assignment to the last minute).