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Developing Camp Philosophy, Culture & Organizational Effectiveness

James Neill
Last updated:
24 Jun 2004

Developing camp philosophy, culture & organizational effectiveness


Meta-analytic research evidence (based on many individual studies) has shown that camps which deliberately cultivate a positive personal growth culture and program philosophy have much greater impact on self-esteem and self-concept than more recreationally-based camps (Marsh, 1999).


You can find some excellent resources for developing camp philosophy, culture and organizational effectiveness at www.visionrealization.com) by Randall Grayson.  Or go direct to the sites' resources to download e.g.,:

  • Organizational Effectiveness (e.g., the learning camp, staff training best practices)

  • Camper Development (e.g., emotional intelligence, self-esteem, Behavior management)

  • Evaluation (e.g., process maps, measures)

  • Camp Activities (e.g., special days, rainy days)

Randall Grayson's material is refreshingly comprehensive, practical, accessible, and useful not just for camps, but many other youth training and outdoor education/recreation type organizations.  Most of the resources are downloadable for free - plus you can get a free CD which includes audio files, etc. - well worth it.