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James Neill
Last updated:
16 Apr 2004

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Thesis or Major Article Reference Lists

  • Barret & Greenaway (1995) - Why Adventure? The Role and Value of Outdoor Adventure in Young People's Personal and Social Development - 320 citations from Jon Barret and Roger Greenaway's major review 

  • Hattie, et al (1997) - Adventure Education and Outward Bound: Out-of-class experiences that make a lasting difference - 185 citations from John Hattie, Herb Marsh, James Neill, and Garry Richards' meta-analysis.

  • Neill (1994) - Outdoor Education, Adolescence, Self-Concept, Mental Health & Coping - 82 citations from James Neill's 1994 Honours thesis

  • Neill (in progress) - Enhancing Personal Effectiveness: The Impacts of Outdoor Education Programs - 317 citations from James Neill's PhD thesis, in preparation.

  • Weinberg (2000) - Adventure Therapy Bibliography - 55 citations from Peter Weinberg's 2000 Masters thesis

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