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Wilderdom philosophy (simple dwelling in nature)

- possibilities for human relationships with nature -

~ musings on nature, education, & self ~

Simple Living in Nature

(explaining my killing of that fox)

Words & Nature
(an eco-poem)

5 Musings on
Education & Nature

My Philosophy of
Outdoor Education

Writing & Publishing on the Web:
How's & Why's

A Rationale for
Psychoactive Gardening

Old Nature, New Nature:
Environmental Activities for People & Planets

The Adaptational Challenge for
21st Century Humans

Warmth on a Winter's Night
From Beginning to End -
A History of the Universe in 15 minutes

(John Kaminski,

The Vision of Benton MacKaye
(creator of the Appalachian Trail)

Outdoor Education in the New World

Permaculture & Outdoor Education

What if we Slept for 100 Years?
(A Rumplestiltskin Proposal for the Restoration of Nature)

Reactions to Sept. 11 Attacks from
an Outdoor Education Class

The Wilderness of Neural Possibility

The Writings of Thomas Watercrag

World Facts About the Universe & The History of Human Activity on Earth