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Undergraduate, Masters & PhD Theses in Outdoor Education

James Neill
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28 Oct 2005

Undergraduate Theses

Terry, L. (2002). A quantitative and qualitative analysis on the effects of an adventure course: An intervention with female adolescents.  Undergraduate Thesis, Scripps College, Claremont, CA. AbstractFull thesis (1 MB)

Wardell, B. (1999). The effects of the Outdoor Action Frosh Trip on freshmen's adaptation to Princeton University: A study of pluralistic ignorance. Unpublished senior thesis, Princeton University. Download options.

Post-graduate 4th year Theses

Neill, J. T. (1994). The effect of Outward Bound high school programs on adolescents' self-concept, mental health, and coping strategies. Honours Thesis, Canberra, ACT, Australia: Australian National University.

Skehill, C. M. (2001). Resilience, coping with an extended stay outdoor education program, and adolescent mental health. Unpublished Honours thesis, University of Canberra, Australia.   AbstractFull thesis (.37 MB)

Masters Theses

Brown, A. (2003). The challenges facing providers of Outdoor Management Development in Hong Kong. Unpublished Masters thesis, Sheffield Hallam University, UK. [.pdf; 2.56 MB]

Semi-structured interview data was collected from OMD providers and buyers of OMD in Hong Kong.  The findings suggest a shortfall between the best practices described in Western OMD literature and the common practices of Hong Kong’s OMD providers. Delivering OMD using traditional Chinese cultural norms is acceptable to trainers and participants, yet does not comply with Experiential Learning Theory and OMD Theory; neither does it develop the participatory management style that is required to run large, complex organizations, which are commonly OMD clients. Limited formal training is currently available in Hong Kong to educate providers in key areas of OMD, particularly design, transfer and reviewing.

Climer, A. (2001). Training methods of non-degree college outdoor leadership preparation programs.  Unpublished Masters thesis, University of New Hampshire, NH.

Hans, T. (1997). A meta-analysis of the effects of adventure programming on locus of control.  Unpublished Master or Science thesis, Psychology Graduate Faculty, Georgia, College, Milledgeville, GA.  Thesis not available, but read article based on thesis - Hans, T. (2000).  A meta-analysis of the effects of adventure programming on locus of control.  Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 30(1),33-60.  Penultimate draft (.2MB).

Litterini, V. S. (2001).  An examination of perceived supervisory change to production rate, product rejection rate, and delivery efficiency. Unpublished Masters thesis, University of New Hampshire, NH.  AbstractFull thesis (.36MB)

McKenzie, M. D. (2000). Gaining a better understanding of how Outward Bound Western Canada Course outcomes are achieved: A research study. Unpublished Master's thesis, Brock University, St Catherines, Ontario, Canada. AbstractThesis. (.4 MB)

McLearan (2009). Todays youth, tomorrow's conservationists: Logic model program design. Unpublished Master's thesis, California State University, Sacramento, CA. (,pdf; 2.8MB)

Doctoral Theses

Boyle, I. (2002). The impact of adventure-based training on team cohesion and psychological skills development in elite sports teams.  Doctoral dissertation, Department of Education, University of Wollongong.

Brown, M. (2002). Interaction and social order in adventure education facilitation sessions. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, School of Education, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Fine, S. (2005). Contextual learning within the residential outdoor experience: A case study of a summer camp community in Ontario. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Toronto, Canada.

Greenaway, R. (1995).  Powerful learning experiences in management learning and development.  Unpublished doctoral thesis, University of Lancaster, UK. Download options.

Martin, A. J. (2001). Towards the next generation of experiential education programmes: A case study of Outward Bound. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand.   Full thesis [1.2MB; .pdf].   Appendices [.4MB; .pdf].

Mossman, S. E. (2005). What works with youth? An evaluation of the adventure development counselling programme. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Neill, J. T. (in preparation).  Enhancing personal effectiveness: The impacts of outdoor education programs.  Doctoral dissertation, Department of Education, University of Western Sydney.

Priest, S. (1986). Outdoor leadership preparation in five nations. Unpublished doctoral dissertation. University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.

Stenger, T. (2001). Sequence of adventure-based resident outdoor education programs and middle school students’ perceptions of Life Effectiveness. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Oklahoma University, OK.
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