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  • Association for Outdoor Learning AfOL Providers and supporters of outdoor, purposeful , adventurous, life-enhancing, educating experiences. Link to others working in this field.
  • Adventure Education http://www.adventure-ed.co.uk outdoor leaders, practitioners, educators, teachers, adventurers, trainers + anyone who ventures outdoors for advice, information, resources and training for all your outdoor requirements Horizons Bookshop; news, advice, research; AfOL/NAOE and NCOETR pages this is the only site of its kind (as far as we know) and is updated regularly to keep you up-to-date
  • Brathay Hall Trust http://www.brathay.org.uk was founded over half a century ago to provide opportunities for young people to face challenges, to exercise responsibility and to discover and develop their abilities. Brathay is one of the UK's leading providers of development training.
  • Roger Greenaway's Reviewing Skills Training (Active Reviewing) http://reviewing.co.uk Welcomes Facilitators, trainers and educators who want to make your courses even more dynamic and effective. Find new ideas, inspiration, reviewing tools, free monthly newsletters and trainer-training events. Active Learning Bookshop over 200 titles and reviews.
  • Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College' s Research Site http://www.bcuc.ac.uk/research/freslandt.htm Contains information regarding research projects and research articles on outdoor adventure education, carried out by lecturers from the Leisure and Tourism Faculty. Outdoor adventure activities and gender issues, personal and social development through outdoor activities, and therapeutic potential of outdoor activities
  • The new University of Edinburgh Outdoor Education website (http://www.education.ed.ac.uk/outdoored/). A lot of thought has been put into the Resources that our visitors might find useful.
  • The UK Outdoor Institute http://www.ukoi.demon.co.uk Concerned with the excellence of outdoor experiences To make contact with a collective UK voice Details of Outdoor Careers Guide, Ethics and Values.
  • The Outdoor Education Centers, Ireland