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James T. Neill - Personality

Last updated:
21 Oct 2004



My personality

If you're wondering, "what am I really like?", at least in "psychological type" terms...

According to Keirsey's temperaments, I am a "Rational" personality type - i.e., a "knowledge-seeking personality".  The other three main Keirsey's personality types are Artisans, Guardians, and Idealists.  My personality is consistent with the "Mastermind" sub-type - or an INTJ personality in Jungian terminology.   INTJ stands for Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging.

The INTJ, "knowledge-seeking personality type" apparently is somewhat rare (less than 1% occurrence).  INTJs tend to exhibit a combination of imagination and practicality.  "Rationals" generally make good scientifists, sometimes as inventors, sometimes as organizers of knowledge.  INTJs tend to hang in the background, vociferously imagining, analysing and organizing information.  However, the INTJ is self-confident and will step up to lead when he/she feels it is appropriate (i.e., when he/she has enough knowledge and there is a need).

I am a knowledge-broker, motivated by learning, teaching and research.  If you combine the INTJ personality type with high optimism, strong valuing of nature-based life styles physical fitness, somewhat left wing political views, and a devilish sense of humor, you have some idea about who I am.

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