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James Neill's Popular Publications
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Last updated:
07 Aug 2004


10 most popular publications by James Neill

  1. Adventure education and Outward Bound: Out-of-class experiences that make a lasting difference (A meta-analysis of 99 outdoor education outcome studies in Review of Educational Research, 1997)

  2. Reviewing and benchmarking adventure therapy outcomes (Journal of Experiential Education, 2003)

  3. Does outdoor education really work? A summary of recent meta-analyses (Australian Journal of Outdoor Education, 1998)

  4. The effect of Outward Bound high school programs on adolescent self-concept, mental health and coping strategies (Psychology Honours thesis, 1994)

  5. Where has the adventure gone?  Bringing risk back into the outdoors (Keynote presentation to the Annual Outdoor Recreation Industry Council (ORIC) Conference, Olympic Park, Sydney, Australia, 2003)

  6. Meta-analytic research on the outcomes of outdoor education programs (Paper presented to 6th Biennial Coalition for Education in the Outdoors Research Symposium, Bradford Woods, IN, 2002)

  7. Adventure education and resilience: The double-edged sword (Journal of Adventure Education & Outdoor Learning, 2001)

  8. The Life Effectiveness Questionnaire: Development and psychometrics (unpublished PhD chapter, 2003)

  9. Australian identity and the effect of an outdoor education program (Australian Journal of Psychology, 2002)

  10. Internal validity and reliability of the 30 item Mental Health Inventory for Australian adolescents (Psychological Reports, 2000)