Social Psychology Essay Outline

Max. 1000 words.  Submit via WebCT drop-box by 5pm Thu 1/9.


The purpose of constructing an outline for your essay is primarily to give you feedback on:

  • the conceptualisation and argumentative approach of your essay
    • e.g., does it answer the question?
  • the quality and scope/relevance of your sources
  • APA style tips


  • Cover Page, including:
    • Relevant details (e.g., name, student number, unit number, etc.)
    • Title, etc.
      • Descriptive / meaningful?
      • Attractive/catchy?
    • The essay question
  • Abstract (150 words max, 1 paragraph)
  • 1-2 page bullet-point plan of essay, roughly as follows:
    • 3-7 1st level headings
      • 3-7 2nd-level headings
        • extra references / notes / questions at 3rd level as appropriate
    • Note that citations should be used to support the relevant bullet-points; any citations appearing in the references should be cited in the bullet-point plan
  • Annotated bibliography of the best 15 key primary academic sources for answering the research question, consisting of:
    • APA reference
    • 1 paragraph summaries of how each reference contributes to answering the question and its overall quality
    • Out of the 15 key primary sources, at least 5 research studies and at least 5 theoretical articles should be included
    • Textbook chapters are not permitted in this section
    • Other citations (at least 10) which do not make the top 15, but which are useful references for this essay - summaries are not required for these extra references, but they should be reported in full APA format

Marking Criteria

  • Title/Abstract (~5%) + Plan (~70%) = 75%
  • Bibliography (~20%) + References (~5%) = 25%