Social Psychology Essay Marking Criteria /30

Submission Details

1. Essay is due by Tuesday 25th October 9:30 am
(late marks of 10% per working day late will apply)

2. Only submit one copy - hard copy OR electronic via WebCT.

3. Hard copy should be double-spaced; Electronic copy should be single spaced.

4. For electronic submission, RENAME your file before submitting, as follows:
Surname_Topic.doc -> e.g., Neill_Genocide.doc

Cover Page

  • Essay title
  • Student name & number
  • Essay question
  • Word count (not including references)
    (should be 2,500 - 3,000 words - above 3,000 or below 2,500 words will attract 5% penalty per 100 words)

Title and Abstract /3

  • Is the title meaningful, accurate and interesting? /1
    (e.g., does it clearly convey the content of the essay?)
  • Does the abstract succinctly capture and summarise the essay? /2
    (e.g., does it explain the question, the essay's argument and evidence, and the essay's answer to the question(s) in ~200 words?)

Quality of Expression, Higher Order Argument, and Examples /9

  • Is the essay well structured and well written? /3
    (e.g., is the essay well written, does the structure flow smoothly, and is it of publishable standard?)
  • Does the essay provide a well-developed higher order argument? /3
    (e.g., is the essay's argument logical, well formulated and does independent thinking emerge from critical examination of  relevant theory and evidence)?
  • Are applied social psychological examples used? /3
    (e.g., are relevant, applied examples provided to illustrate theories and key points?)

Theory & Research /16

  • Does the plan cover appropriate theory? /8
    (e.g., are relevant social psychological theories used and critically evaluated?)
  • Does the plan cover appropriate research? /8
    (e.g., is relevant social psychological research from key primary sources used to help inform critical evaluation of social psychological theory in relation to the essay questions(s)?)

Presentation /2

  • Does the essay use APA format for the layout (e.g,. font type/size, page numbering)? /1
  • Are the references and citations in APA format? /1