Research Methods & Applied Statistics Resources

Online Readings

  1. Survey Design (W1)
    (Creative Research Systems)
  2. Designing Questions to be Good Measures (W2)
    (Canell., n. d.)
  3. Levels of Measurement (W3)
    (Overview table)
  4. Descriptive Statistics (W3)
    (Hyperstat Online)
  5. Visual Displays of Data (W3)
    (optional - not examinable)
  6. Correlation & Simple Least Squares Regression
    (Zady, 2000)
  7. Multiple Regression
    (Statsoft, 2003)
  8. Concepts and their measurement
    (being scanned)

Textbook Sites

Data Simulations

Related Courses

SPSS Tips & Tricks

  • Different windows in SPSS
    (.sav, .spo, .sps, chart editor)
  • Use of syntax - .sps files, paste command, typing in commands, why use syntax [Francis 7.6]
  • Customizing SPSS [Francis 7.5]
  • Different types of data files
  • Copying tables & graphs
  • Ordering the bars in bar graphs
  • Recoding data